Old Man Weather

Randy Travis said “as long as old men sit and talk about the weather”… The conversation in my office went like this: “Temps are going to reach 100° today.” Simple cut and dry statement right? Nope, as if Lady Godiva just rode by every head looked up from their computer with something to say.  On any given day a myriad of newsworthy items are bandied about with varying degrees of conversational input, mention the weather and even the most introverted co-worker has an opinion. Stand by for the official weather report from Bob and Tom, “that’s not what I heard” Continue reading Old Man Weather

I have some bad news, there is no good news.

I have friends who do not read the paper, do not watch the network news and definitely don’t have a Twitter account. Their Facebook account is primarily used to keep up with the family goings on. Since virtually anything that happens makes it to Facebook they might get a filtered view of some popular events. Still, I think many of them use it to just view and share images. The point is with minimal connectivity and limited access to information, I wonder about the folks that intentionally buffer themselves from the rest of the world. How can you go through Continue reading I have some bad news, there is no good news.

Old and Young Alike

I think my “OCD” is becoming debilitating. Falling somewhere between obsessed and maniacal, I observe others going about their daily lives mostly oblivious about things that make me crazy. Old and young alike are driving me to drink (coffee).

Don’t Blink

A good friend of mine called me the other day and told me he had suffered a heart attack. You may say well, that’s life, sometimes bad shit happens. My buddy is 68 years old. I call him “old man” but as I have achieved double nickel status myself this doesn’t really seem old. If your 25, I’m sure 55 and 68 both seem decrepit. Let me give you a tip… Don’t Blink! After the initial shock and explanation of the events leading up to hospital admittance, he relayed to me that he was going into surgery for a triple Continue reading Don’t Blink

Life in New York

Great piece by Jason Fields of Reuters. The day to day life of New Yorkers and the Ebola scare.  Quick read Life in New York in the time of Ebola

Gas Station Et•i•quette

I wouldn’t think this needed to be said and sure there are monstrously more important things to concern oneself with, but you sir who caused this rant deserve to be punched in the jaw.  Violence before lunch, I’m sure my doctor would not approve of the elevated blood pressure on such a trivial subject.  None the less I am here to provide a service. Firstly if you can’t see over the steering wheel, get a booster seat. (Insert racist slur here) They have these in every restaurant for children who can’t reach sir.  One of these would go a long Continue reading Gas Station Et•i•quette

Following the Rules

The older I get, the more I’m convinced, people exist in the world who are predisposed to breaking rules.  If not, I sure seem to cross paths with many who think nothing of exercising the fine art of “don’t give a damn”. This comes to mind because of an article I recently read.  A couple of old dudes in a checkout line. Where you ask? Of course, they were at Wal-Mart. Now these gents were not in just any line, no they were in the infamous twenty items or less line.  You probably can see the direction this is going but Continue reading Following the Rules

Reading, Writing and Time

In the journalism class I never took, the directions for putting together a well-written story will  undoubtedly include an outline and some form of planning.  In a blog or story for the internet, you better skip that shit and get to the point.  Right now, I am pushing the limit of most readers.  My own son, who is a voracious reader of only what interests him, would not read to the end of one of my blog posts if I paid him.  “I looked over it dad” is about as good as your going to get. Apparently, my antiquated belief Continue reading Reading, Writing and Time