Content and Code you need both.

Much like a lead singer without the ability to play music, a writer who does not know basic computer code is somewhat handicapped by their inability to program.  I have grown up watching the magic of the internet grow around me.  I use it, I like it, and I do not understand it.  How it gets to be a blog or any page for that matter is truly magical.  To those who are un-initiated I think the complexity might be more imagined than difficult. In 1999, the web had 23 blogs according to a list compiled by Jesse James Garrett. Continue reading Content and Code you need both.

“Comments” create outlet for rudeness and confrontation.

Often times at the end of an article or blog post, I peruse the comments to see if there are like minded folks with similar take-aways.  Sometimes I like to read the dissenting opinions to see if there is a valid argument that I missed.  What I usually find is a few fan boys and girls on both side of the fence who wail away on each other until bored.  Occasionally I find a couple well placed arguments either in support of or against the authors finding.  That is what I thought comments were for.

Penny Wise and App Foolish…

Thomas Paine wrote “What we obtain too cheap we esteem to lightly”.    Why then do I lose my mind and head straight for the review button if I have multiple crashes in an app I downloaded free. As a minor connoisseur of IOS apps, my scoff meter goes way up when I see an app that is over .99cents.  I have conducted many an un-scientific survey (asked my buddies) and they would not dream of paying anything for an app, not one red nickel. What would you pay?

Android vs. Apple, where have I been?

If you put two guys together and start talking about trucks you will probably have a fight over Chevy or Ford. The same can be said for the Celtic’s and Lakers, Boston and Yankees, Barbecue sauce or dry rub. When it comes to tech stuff especially hand held devices I am out of the club. I can work a computer and have for years. My wife and I have a desktop, laptop, net book and have had many different phones. So we aren’t living in a cave. Still as the proverbial newb/noob, when I began to research this world I Continue reading Android vs. Apple, where have I been?