The Perils of Pregnancy

A safety guide for dealing with pregnant women. So having never been pregnant, I can honestly say I don’t have the first freaking clue about how a woman feels during these nine months of torturous trimesters.  This being said, I have had some experience being around pregnant women and I could have gained some insight from them. As the father of two “adult” children, I might like to think I know stuff.  Alas, I like every other man who did not raise a child alone, know exactly jack shit. I know you’re thinking wait a minute buddy, I changed diapers and fed Continue reading The Perils of Pregnancy

In the Middle….

  Occasionally I take an internal inventory.  Kind of a humanity check.  I think about where I stand, and am I being fair about how I feel on a myriad of subjects?  After this self-analysis, often the more important question is what has changed and why? Can your values actually change or are you predisposed to react based on maturity, emotion and or experience? Are you in control of these positional deviations, or even conscious of the movement? If you think these remain static based on age, guess again. Even cynical old people can change paths. With so many variables Continue reading In the Middle….

Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment is defined as a form of physical punishment  that involves the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behavior deemed unacceptable. The term usually refers to methodically striking the offender with an implement, whether in judicial, domestic, or educational settings. I believe whole- heartily in spanking.  I do not believe in beating a child.  Subtle difference I know.  I am of the belief that a child must have no doubt that you, as a parent will go the extra mile to ensure they do not act like Continue reading Corporal Punishment

Content and Code you need both.

Much like a lead singer without the ability to play music, a writer who does not know basic computer code is somewhat handicapped by their inability to program.  I have grown up watching the magic of the internet grow around me.  I use it, I like it, and I do not understand it.  How it gets to be a blog or any page for that matter is truly magical.  To those who are un-initiated I think the complexity might be more imagined than difficult. In 1999, the web had 23 blogs according to a list compiled by Jesse James Garrett. Continue reading Content and Code you need both.

“Comments” create outlet for rudeness and confrontation.

Often times at the end of an article or blog post, I peruse the comments to see if there are like minded folks with similar take-aways.  Sometimes I like to read the dissenting opinions to see if there is a valid argument that I missed.  What I usually find is a few fan boys and girls on both side of the fence who wail away on each other until bored.  Occasionally I find a couple well placed arguments either in support of or against the authors finding.  That is what I thought comments were for.

Women and Children and Profanity, Oh My!

According to a report from, a 34-year-old Texas woman was cited for disorderly conduct for using profanity in front of children at a water park during an argument with another mother. Completely inappropriate, using profanity in front of children, and a mother no less.  Profanity or cussing, or cursing or dropping a blank bomb is never authorized in public, at church, or in the presence of kids.  Right, isn’t that the rule?  Umm hello have you heard women and children talk today.  This ain’t “Leave it to Beaver”.  “Gee Wally” has not been used since the sixties.

Anger Management…

Apparently it’s never healthy to lose control, but in my mind a measured “pissed off” does wonders.  I’m routinely told that the wrong response is to allow your emotions to take over.  What are we if not creatures with emotions?  We often credit people for their ability to be caring and thoughtful towards others right?  Why then are we chastised for letting an equally real emotion, anger, arise when justified?  The definition of “justified” as well as the reasonable theory of right and wrong is for another time.

The Fourth of July…

That is it, I am officially old.  There are many indicators of this, but one tell tale sign is when I realized that I hate the Fourth of July.  Not independence day, not freedom, not barbecue’s and friends.  I know its another year of cheesy little Firework Stands with giant blow up gorillas and the idiots in my town who will soon be turning our streets into Mogadishu. I know I will take heat for this, what self-respecting; meat eating male doesn’t like to blow shit up? That is not to say that I don’t like seeing fireworks…at the ballgame, on the Continue reading The Fourth of July…

For the Love of the Game

 The College World Series is a huge event for the city of Omaha. It is pretty much the only game in town. Especially since the “Husker football team plays in another town (Lincoln) and it’s not football season anyway, jeez Steve stay on topic. Its times like these that I think back to how much I love baseball. The game of baseball is pure. It is a team game and an individual one. You protect your team in the field and you fight one on one at the plate. So when I hear people say it is boring, I think Continue reading For the Love of the Game

Greeting Cards….why?

  Why are we forced by tradition and ceremony to purchase these useless pieces of contrived cardboard only to hold a gift card? I’m pretty sure gift cards come in their own sleeve now so the “Hallmark” card and gold seal is truly not necessary. Conventional forms of communication change so fast that there is hardly time to keep up, but the freaking greeting card industry is doing just fine you’ll be glad to know. Last year alone Hallmark made 4.3 billion of their half of the industry. OMG, that’s a lot of money spent on a completely unnecessary product. Continue reading Greeting Cards….why?